Da Tweekaz - Little Red Riding Hood
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Da Tweekaz quite different!

What just happened here? Da Tweekaz and rawstyle? Ok, it’s not extremely raw but quite different compared to their normal style. 

We all know this little sweet fairy tail: ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ and that’s exactly the title of #Tweekay14 Vol.10. Scary wolf howls, a deep voice for the narrator and a rather raw kick! I like the idea and the implementation of this track, but unfortunately it’s not perfect. But do not worry, you should still buy this track or at least give it a shot!


Once upon a time
in a village far away
There lived a little girl with goldilocks
And a smile like summer’s day
She prepared her picnic basket
And put on her red hood
Little did she know that the wolf was lurking in the woods
Little Red Riding Hood
The wolf in the woods, Red Riding Hood
Times may change as the stories we tell
Where the wolf becomes the victim of a torturous hell

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