Last weekend we traveled to Dedicated Outdoor, in Woerden at the Cattenbroekerplas! Last year was phenomenal so we knew what we could expect. With a huge line-up spread over two stages, a good weather forecast, beer and of course hardstyle music, Dedicated and its visitors were ready for another edition. Let’s have a look at Dedicated Outdoor 2016!

We arrived at 13:30 at the parking lot. We had to pay €10,- to pay for the parking, which is a lot if you compare it to the ticket price. Energyzed was dropping the first beats at the Dedicated Mainstage. There were only 20 people inside at this moment. Energyzed deserves a lot more, since his productions are from a high level. We decided to take a look at the facilities first. There are two grand bars for drinks, which had normal pricing, two tokens for water, one for beer and soda etc. The token price was lower than usual at 2016 events, it was €2,50 for 1 token, which is way better than the €2,85 at many events in 2016. We did spot a resting plaza with a few tents were you could buy food. hamburgers for 2 tokens, hamburger XXL goes for 3. You could also buy panini’s (2 tokens), french fries (1.5 tokens), and more.. There was also a tobacco shop and two shops were you could buy Hardstyle merchandise. At the back of the area there was a toilet area. Here you could also wash your hands or refill your bottle with water. Unfortunately the water did taste like mud, or rainwater. Since this is not that good for your health we decided to do no more refills.


Next to the toilet area you could enjoy the Inzanity stage, hosted by Zany. This was the second area of Dedicated Outdoor, the freestyle area. From 13:00 until 22:30 this was the place to be for all freestyle lovers. We did also visit two sets in this area, which will pass by later. Inside the tent was no stage design or anything. It was the same tent at the same spot as the 2015 edition. Let’s head back towards the mainstage.

Energyzed was dropping one of his tunes released in 2016, called Stand my Ground. This is a crazy track in my opinion. You can really hear that Atmozfears sound in his tracks, but many tracks of Energyzed I like even better! Save my Soul, which he dropped after Stand my Ground, is one of these great tracks. Producing wise it’s a perfect track with atmosphere, a beautiful melody, a crazy climax, deep vocals, a good kick and more.. There were still only 50 people inside at this moment, we hope to witness Energyzed at more events and bigger stages, cause in our opinion he really deserves it.

After Energyzed it was time for another youngster, Devin Wild joined the stage. Speaking about the stage. It was not that spectacular. They made a construction with truss bars, linen cloths were strained in purple and yellow colors. We could also spot a few lasers, some smoke- and fire machines . It was not a grand stage, but what do you expect of an event of this size, with a ticket price of €25,-. At the right side of the stage there was a small lake, you could even enjoy the party while partying in this lake.
The most important thing about Dedicated is the line-up you get for €25,-. I have seen worse at events that have a ticketprice of €50,- or more. That’s why we really love Dedicated Outdoor! Besides that the speakers were full throttle again! Yes, the sound is always amazing at this event!

Devil Wild was starting his set with Year of Summer (edit), and All Night Long by Noisecontrollers. After that he played his collab with Audiotricz called Zombies, which is a great track, so check it out! After that he did drop another NC track. In NC’s opinion his best track, Down Down. At the end of the set he did play his Dreamfields Anthem (which he did visit after this set) called Children of the sun. As closing track he did drop Solar, maybe he did drop a bit to many NC tracks. The set was not that special, but a good warm-up. Finally there was a bit of a crowd. The next DJ was joining the stage, give it up for Code Black!

Code Black did play a mix of brand-new and classic tunes. Starting his set with Rocked Up, and Break Down Low, followed by Ghettoblaster and God Complex. After that he did play Wake You Up, Tonight (Alpha 2 Remix) and Pandora. Pandora is still a track you want to hear everytime Code Black is playing. It’s his masterpiece, that we all like. In the end he did drop edits of Living on the pray, eye of the tiger and some linking park tracks. In my opinion this was a bit boring. He did also drop many non-hardstyle tracks, which ruined the vibe in his set. After all I didn’t like this set that much. Next up a DJ which I don’t witness often. Give it up for Coone!

Coone did start with Love for the game, after that he did drop Atmozfears tune Reawakening. Coone really seems to know how to entertain behind the decks. During this set the crowd went wild for the first time. He was doing a great job! At the end of his set he did drop a brand new track with Zatox, called something like ‘Fucking Motherfuckers’?! He also played many tracks from his forth coming album ‘Less is more’ like Black Submarine and Robotz. Ending his set with the best anthem of 2016! The Intents anthem by Coone and Hard Driver, All in the game! Hell yeah, what a sick anthem this is! Coone was leaving the stage with a grand applause.


After Coone it was time for the first b2b set of the day, were many will follow. Two pioneers of Roughstate were joining the stage. Give it up for B-Front and Adaro!
B-Front did start with Octavius Augustus, which he seems to play at every set lately. It’s still a crazy track! After that he did drop Blackness, the vibe in that track is amazing. From now on Adaro took over for a few minutes. Adaro dropped his new tune together with Endymion called Rock & Roll and Bolivia by his Gunz for Hire act. After that he did drop Kings of the Underground. Then they did play many tracks I have never heard before. It can be brand new tracks or very classic ones, but I think and hope for the first because these tracks were really cool! He did also drop a remix of EZG – Rellen in de hel, which was really cool for the dutch people out there! Don’t know if this is a Adaro remix, but I guess we will find out soon enough!

After this set we decided to visit Ruthless vs Zany for 30 minutes. The Inzanity area was a bit stuffy, so it was hard to party there the whole day in my opinion. They did drop some classic tunes in a freestyle edit and the vibe was way better than at the mainstage at this time! When they did drop the ‘Gaan met die Banaan’ remix by Ruthless the whole crowd went completely nuts. After that they did drop Mash Up 6.0 by Warface and ‘180’ by Bass Chaserz. This set did include a lot of fun edits which is always enjoyable. Because we also like the sound of Artifact and D-Sturb we did decide to rush back towards the mainstage to enjoy the final 40 minutes of there set.


Uppon our arrival Artifact did drop Tchaikovsky on E, after that D-Sturb took over with Fucking up the System. D-Sturb did drop a lot of new tunes during this set. Artifact did drop his new collab with Elke Donkers and his new phat tune Let us Pray. He did also play Let the show begin, the collab with Warface. D-Sturb did play many tracks with sick kickrolls, like Nasty Bitch and many new ones. Ofcourse they did also drop Menace in the D-Sturb remix! After this b2b set it was time for Requiem vs Titan!

Titan did start there set with Suicide, after that they did drop Bass God by Phuture Noize. Requiem took over with What I am by Jack of Sound and Chainsaw by Warface. After that they did drop Push it to the limit and Brutul 4.0, finally Dedicated was going rough! The crowd went crazy as did we. Titan did entertain us with co2 gun and some smoke machines. Requiem dropped his best tune, Collatoral Damage and Titan dropped Xtermination by Malice, holyshit that kick is even better live!
This set was one of the best of the day. But the best was yet to come! Give it up for the force of Theracords, Thera vs Delete!


This was the set I was looking forward to the most. Starting there set with Mutants, the bass was already intense! After that they did play Man Bear Pig, what a funny but crazy tune! After that they did drop Fucking robots and Starfleet by Dj Thera. Hell Jeah, this is what we want to witness! Delete was dropping his collab with Deetox, Alone! Damn, this shit is real. This tune is one of my favorites of 2016, the atmosphere in that second drop is beyond borders! After that they did drop a new tune which is called Smokemachine I believe. Delete was dropping New World Order, his collab with N-Vitral and Embrace It, after that Dj Thera did play Going Under and Black Death. They did end their set with Genocide by Delete and Chainsaw in the Delete remix. This set was perfectly balanced. Delete is all about the amazing kicks and Dj Thera gives u the track with the real feeling and the beautiful vocals. This set passed by really quick, which is a good sign. By far the best set of Dedicated 2016!


We were ready for the final act of the evening, can it top the set by DJ Thera and Delete?! Well it came close enough! Give it up for Warface vs Act of Rage. Act of Rage is doing a great job lately. Every time I witness him live he is surprising me! He is producing great tracks, but also his energy on stage is crazy! Act of Rage did start with dropping Brain Confusion and Stay True. After that Warface did arrive and did drop his brand new War Force tune ‘Reloaded’ and another TBA. Act of Rage dropped Raging Reckless and Warface did play 1 2 stampuh after that followed by Wakin’ Up. For the final 20 minutes they did start to play a lot of hardcore tracks, starting with Temple of Disease and Release the Kraken, followed by more Angerfist tracks. In the end they did play one more track, Sounds become one by Destructive Tendencies and Partyraiser. During this track there was a nice show with fireworks, more lasers and smoke and fire machines.


After all, this was again a great edition of Dedicated. It is definitely worth your money! If you want to visit a medium sized event with a grand line-up for a ticket price below €30,- We recommend you to visit Dedicated Outdoor in 2017! Besides they host the hardstyle stage at Ventureland at 10 september, so mark your agenda!

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