Who is Concept Art?
Stefan G. and Thomas H. are the minds behind Concept Art. They were known as “Goldkind” and “The Collectorz” – today they are one of the well-known newcomer in the Hardstyle scene! If you never heard of them you should absolutely check out this interview and meet this duo!

You guys made it! How do you explain your success and do you have any advice for other newcomers?
For a long time we worked hidden on our tracks. We released a small track here and there but nothing huge. Of course it’s pretty hard to make that leap and establish yourself in the scene. Especially if you are not dutch because the scene here is not so huge as for example in the Netherlands.

We have participated in every contest we found. We tried to get involved. And that’s what every newcomer should be doing because there is a jury and many listeners, they must hear your music and give you feedback. Feedback that you need. A big part of being a newcomer is to reach more and more people to evolve your music.
But never forget: the best part is the way to your destination. The first booking, the first release. These moments are awesome so every one should enjoy them.

How you stay motivated even in a bad time?
If you have a bad time and nothing goes the way you want: take your time and do something else! Hear a different music style or take a walk but you need your distance to Hardstyle – at least a couple of hours. For example: we are listening to Progressive House, Indie Rock and Linkin park. The worst thing you can do is to produce music in a bad mood.

You met Brennan Heart at the Q-dance Headquarters. How you felt?
This was our first backstage experience. We did the interview and made the best out of it. Of course we were really excited!
It was a little bit difficult because of the language barrier. Dutch people don’t mind us but it’s just something else to speak in english with each other. For example: we had dinner with them and at some point we just ate our rice while everyone was talking in dutch. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity for us!

Q-dance served rice?
I think we ate Chinese food. Not sure 🙂

Concept Art at Defqon.1

What kind of feeling was that for you?
Thomas read the e-mail on his way to his job –  6 in the morning and immediately called me. I was still sleeping. We were stunned but at some point we realized that we are playing at Defqon.1. We prepared so much stuff and after every little progress we got even more excited. The best thing was the people joined the dance floor while we played on stage. Sam from Audiofreq said the same: it’s a challenge to attract people to an empty stage – and we did it. All in all it was a stunning weekend and thanks to Q-dance!

How important is such a support for newcomers?
We think it’s a chance for newcomers to prove themselves, to get new audience which joins you on your adventure. It’s a huge platform that should be used often. We need more newcomer stages!

Dream job DJ? Hardstyle movement?

Is it really a job? Or just a hobby?
Of course it’s a job. For every gig you have to invest many hours to prepare your set, create new tracks and try to create the best experience for your fans. It’s a passion we follow so it’s something we love to do. But still it’s a hard and time-consuming job! Of course we are working/studying at the same time.

What do you say to the new Hardstyle movement? Slow, Mainstream Hardstyle?
Hardstyle gets more diversity through this movements. A few years ago we had a split between raw style and euphoric and now we get more “harder styles” – thats something good. Everyone can listen to his personal favorite – and if you are searching for some raw to the bones hardstyler check out Radiance or many newcomers who are joining the scene. We have no worries – more and more great producers are coming and they will be the future of hardstyle!

Energyzed, Peacekeeper, Dj Cyber, Zyprus, Electronic Vibes, Alternate and many more!

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