You like it rough, you like it dirty, surrounded by scrapped ship wrecks. The smell of freshly cut steal and sweat crosses the venue. b2s throws a new edition of Loudfest at brand new location: On the 20th of May, they will bring chaos to the harbour of Rotterdam. Rows of shipping containers will shake and rusty cranes will bounce along to the heavy beats of the best raw hardstyle artists – pioneers and newcomers.

We summed up all information you, but more importantly, we caught up with b2s and talked about the production of Loudfest! Ever wanted to have a small insight of what’s going on before an event takes place? We got the answers.

Hey b2s we are very happy to feature you in this small Q&A about Loudfest! Loudfest will take place on 20th  May in Rotterdam and will offer three stages, indoor and outdoor, with just the best raw hardstyle music!

Can you give readers a small impression of how long the preparations did take for Loudfest 2017
The first Loudfest took place in 2015 at Lijm & Cultuur in Delft. After this edition, we started our search for an even better venue. When we visited the RDM Onderzeebootloods, we knew that this would be a perfect location to host a Raw Hardstyle event. So you could say we’ve been preparing Loudfest since then.

How did the work progress look alike for Loudfest? Which steps towards the execution of the event are necessary?
In order to create a high quality event, everything needs to be thought through. The mix between well-known artists and new talents has always been important to the Loudness concept, so this was definately important in our preparations. Furthermore, the RDM Onderzeebootloods is new to the festival public, as this will be the first harder styles event taking place in this location. As we speak, the venue is being finalized for that.

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How many people did work on this year’s concept of Loudfest?
Quite a lot of people work on events like Loudfest. From the design of the campaign to making sure artists arrive on time for their sets. A lot of people specialize in the different tasks needed to create a great event.

Can you sum up the most important aspects of an event for you?
We think all aspects on the event should be at their best for an event. From a solid line-up to friendly personnel at the bars to clear communication before the event. Everything should be well thought through. It’s important that an event always stays true to its origin, but is also innovative. In terms of the Loudness concept, it’s one of the first events that focused on Raw Hardstyle and one of our older concepts.

These indoor events took place in the Maassilo and Klokgebouw, both venues with the industrial look and feel we think fit the Loudness concept. The concept also hosts two areas at Decibel outdoor (Loudness and Extreme Loudness) and will also be present at Tomorrowland this year. Combining these successful indoor events and outdoor hostings resulted in Loudfest.

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You did move to a complete new location with Loudfest 2017. How did you find it? Can you give a glimpse of the process to find a new location for such an event?
A location for a Loudness or Loudfest event should be additional to the music, so it really should include the ‘raw’ feeling. Locations like Maassilo and the Klokgebouw do provoke that feeling. This was a major guideline in the search for a perfect location.

You do feature a wide range of different artists: huge players in the scene and newcomers. How important is it for you, to feature those new artists?
As mentioned before, this is very important for the Loudness concept. b2s has always been advocate to giving new talents a proper stage and for this event, it’s not different.

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What can people expect when visiting Loudfest 2017? Can you give three main reasons to visit Loudfest 2017?
Obviously, it’s worth checking out this brand new location: the RDM Onderzeebootloods in Rotterdam. Because of its position in the harbor and its raw look, the venue definately ‘breathes’ Raw Hardstyle. The line-up includes talents, but also the major players in the scene like Radical Redemption, Adaro, Delete and of course our Loudness resident B-Front. All sets will be longer than usual. Artists play at least 90 minutes sets. Because of this, artists have the opportunity to play tracks that are more experimental or ‘forgotten’ tracks. This is definitely unique in the current scene.

How’s the future of Loudfest and also Loudness looks? Do you think these two concepts will stay forever?
We can’t predict the future 😉 Loudness has always been a popular concept and one of the first concepts focusing on Raw Hardstyle. As long as we can organize high quality events, we will continue to do so.150919211647_loudfest_delio_8368

All information you need

Event: Loudfest by b2s
Date: 20.05.2017
Location: RDM-straat 1, 3089 JS Rotterdam, Netherlands

Line Up:
Radical Redemption | B-Front | Dj Adaro | Warface | Delete | E-Force | Sub Sonik | Rebelion | Phuture Noize | Chris One | Jason Payne | Sub Zero Project | Radiance | Psyched | The Geminizers | Riot Shift | MYST | Re-Mind| Crossfight | The Shade | D-Verze | Hosted by Nolz, MC Livid & MC Focus

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