We caught up with two upcoming guys from Gearbox – The Avengerz. Quite remarkable name, right? We though it could be interesting to get to know a bit more. Maybe some of you will hear the name The Avengerz the first time, so we are happy to introduce them to you! 

Hey guys, thanks for having us. For our new readers can you give us a little introduction?

Hi readers we are Shane & David Irish hardstyle duo The Avengerz! What’s up?

Lets go back to the beginning, how did you guys meet? Perhabs in an Irish pub?

Haha not in a pub but we spent many hours in them together , Shane was mates with David’s brother and we got to know each other then and partied at many hardstyle events together! Also Shane’s brother Paul gave David his first ever booking and it took off from there. Now we are like brothers 🙂

How did you guys got in touch with hardstyle?

Shane has being listening to Hardstyle since 2001 after hearing a Scot Project set. David felt in love with hardstyle 2007, after seeing Zany & Showtek.

When did you decide to start producing?

Shane started producing as a hobby in 2006, but gave up after a few years. After Q-Base 2014 we decided to join forces and since then our learning and producing progress started. Now music really defines our life.

How do you describe your style of music, when can we call it an The Avengerz track?

Dirty Screeches, heavy kicks, kick rolls and with a slice of euphoric on the side!

If you have to choose between producing and DJ’ing, what would you choose?

Shane producing, David DJ’ing.


What is your favorite moment of 2015?

We are both stuck between, Suppression our first Dutch booking and Jason Payne supporting our track at Qbase & Defqon!

You’re signed at Gearbox. What does it mean to be signed at one of the fastest rising Labels in the Raw Scene?

A dream came through!! We both wanted this label to be our home from day one! Our boss Phil is an amazing guy who shares the same passion for the scene as us and we owe him many thanks for the opportunity, as its hard to break through from where we live, but we are having “the craic” doing it. Thanks Phil!!

You guys did play at Supression presents Gearbox, can you give us a recap of this event, did you enjoy it?

AMAZING EVENT!! We both have been DJ’s for many years, even before this project and we both said it was best event we ever played! The atmosphere off the crowd that night was out of this world from start to finish! Big thanks to Phil & Marvin and the whole Suppression & Gearbox crew for these memories!

Speaking of events, were can we see you guys in 2016?

We have a booking in Belgium and many others Tba. We hope to play at a big event in the Netherlands before the year is over 🙂

You guys are really talented producers, which talents do you like to listen too or which artists do you like most?

Thanks for the kind words. Overall between the both of us, Phuture Noize, B-Front, Rebellion, D-Sturb, Frequencerz, Thyron – “Bas” is an amazing artist! E-Force, Hardstyle Mafia, Delete. For up and coming artist: Argos, watch out for this guy! And everyone on Gearbox of course!

Do you guys have a favourite DJ?

For track choice, mixing skills & performance wise Jason Payne & Delete!

Talking about other producers and dj’s, who is on your list for a collab?

We’ve done a collab with our good friend Bas (Thyron), called The Raven. For the future we are in coversation with Argos, Diemos, Luminite and another Gearbox artist. Also, we’re working on a remix from a Gearbox artist, more on that in the near future.

We are following Rawstyle Ireland for a while now and wonder if you are the guys behind it?

David runs it with our mate Michael, next one is in April. maybe a Gearbox Label night in the future.

Final Question: What can we expect in 2016, do you have anything to share with us, maybe something exclusive??

Many more Raw tracks, Collabs and maybe a remix of one of our tracks from a well known artist in the scene.

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