It’s thursday and we look back to one of the greatest collabs in hardstyle history! Who should be next? 
In 2008, Headhunterz had his first collaboration with Scantraxx artist Wildstylez. After their huge success of ‘Blame it on the music’ both started their debut album under the alias ‘Project One’.

It was not only a great combination of two artists but also something new and fresh for that time. Tracks like ‘Life Beyond Earth’ and ‘Fantasy or Reality’ are now unforgettable classics of hardstyle.

Their album was debut at Defqon.1 2008 after Headhunterz cancelled the actual debut at In Qontrol because of an appendicitis.

So if you never heard of Project One you should check out their album below!

Project One – The Album

Their album ‘The Album’ was produced over the course of three months, finishing approximately one track per week. After reaching their goal to complete the album within the short time period the collaboration under the name ‘Project One’ was ended.


  1. Prelude
  2. Life Beyond Earth
  3. The World is Yours
  4. Fantasy or Reality
  5. Best of Both Worlds
  6. Numbers
  7. Halfway There
  8. The Story Unfolds
  9. The Art of Creation
  10. Its A Sine
  11. Rate Reducer
  12. Raiders of the Sun
  13. The Zero Hour
Project One HardstyleMag

Project One The Album full picture

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