Anyone who has been at Dominator will remember the great set of Iapicca Francesco, better known as Unexist. Starting the set with “Dominator! Holland! The Home of Motherf#cking Hardcore! Make some noise for Unexist!” It still give me goosebumps! Besides this amazing set, where he gave us a preview of his new album, he also produced the third CD of the Dominator album – Unexistence. And what a great hardcore album it is! Buckle up, cause this album will make your ears bleed!

Who is Unexist?

The man behind Unexist is Jappo a.k.a. Iappica Francesco. He grew up in a small village called ‘Osio Sopra’; a very old fashioned and religious environment, where everyone knows each other. Besides his interest for sports, soccer (AC Milan fan) and motorcycling (Valentino Rossi) he has a big passion for music since he was 10 years old. He would describe his younger years as ‘Shit life’ and he was pissed of with the world. Hardcore let him relieve those feelings by going crazy on it. All the hate disappeared thanks to the music! This man can scratch and produce big tracks. He is a real performer as we saw at Dominator.


The Album
Lets take a look at the album. There are 16 tracks on this album, which are all great. But I love some tracks more than others, so I selected a few of my favourites!

Track 1 – Blaze it Up:
This track starts with a little lyric intro, but then the bass will join the track like a big blast. ‘Blaze it up’ is a nice name for that. The track is not that fast, but the bass is hard and deep, well produced.

Track 2 – Burn it all down:
“Burn it all down, Burn the motherfucker down, burn it down to the ground, burn it down to the ground!”, is how this song will introduce itself. The vocals of this song are by Satronica. The MC which also did a great performance at the live set of Dominator and did more vocals at this album. This track definitely shows the anger Unexist talks about.

Track 5 – Music is my weapon:
The opening track of Dominator! This is my favourite track of the album. Starting with “Music is my weapon, I declare a war, Turn up the volume, Let the bodies hit the floor!”
You will scream this out of your lungs! Then the bass drops, the war has started! This track is fast paced and has a lot of switches with parts that remind me of drum and bass. You can hear the screeching that Unexist masters in this track. One of my favourite hardcore tracks of 2015.

Track 9 – Devil’s Son:
The kick of this track sounds similar as the kick used for ‘Blaze it up’ only with more bpm. Besides that, there is a nice melody in this track. “Motherfucking Devil’s Son”, makes you pump out all your energie. Great track using more tempo.

Track 10 – Fuck the System (Angerfist Remix):
After  ‘Music is my weapon’ this is my second favourite track of the album. Everyone who wants to lose their anger will get loose on this track. “F#CK THE SYSTEM!” The tracks is about respecting each others choices, a free state, free mind and decisions in live. Do what you want, but don’t hurt other people while doing ‘your thing’. The lyrics are brilliant to scream along at a live act. The drums are very fast in this track.

Track 16 – You Bitch:
This one is the last on the album, total destruction! Starting with hard industrial-terror kicks, followed by a slower scretching part into another industrial-terror kick part. Getting rougher and louder, destroying your sound system. Well, luckily it doesn’t destroy it for real, so you can play this CD on repeat!

We will meet the Italian DJ Unexist at Ground Zero on the 29th of August. Here we will interview him about his new album, among others. Release date is September 18.!

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