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Warface – Art Of War Album Review

It has already been an amazing year so far. So many great Events, releases and of course a lot albums by many great artists. We had fresh euphoric albums by Noisecontrollers, Coone and Brennan Heart. Raw and powerful albums by The Prophet, Minus Militia and Hard Driver. But now it’s time to add another album to your collection.

The Spell Of Sin, the album by Radical Redemption, was released at last year’s event “Raw Op Je Dak” by Art of Dance! Now , at the last edition of “Raw Op Je Dak”, which took place on 8th of November, another artist had the pleasure to release his album on this massive event! You had the chance to grab a copy of it at the official End Of Line Records merchandise shop or you could have let him sign your purchased album.

We are talking about an artist which already had an amazing year – he played at major events such as Decibel, Thrillogy and closed a lot of other festivals together with his buddy’s Delete, Titan, Frequencerz, Dark Pact, Deetox and many more.

His sound has its own unique style and he likes it raw! His Live act is just amazing and people going crazy on the dance floor when he enters the stage – either as his normal act or live act. We are talking about an artist which appears in a soldier suit, soldier helmet and black skull mask – we are talking about Warface and his new album Art Of War!

Warface Live

With Art Of War you get one of the best albums this year, but why?

First of all we really want to mention the cover, it has definitely the best design this year. It perfectly represents Warface’s style and the whole album. Generally the hard copy looks incredibly awesome – not only the cover, also inside the 3-disc album the design suits the energetic, rough beats of Warface!

Let’s take a deeper look into the tracks! As we mentioned before, you get 3 CDs full of madness.

Disc 1 …

… includes eleven tracks, inclusive the name giving track “Warface & MC Nolz – Art Of War”. It has powerful female vocals like in “Schizophrenics” and vocals by MC Nolz. The track has Warface typical elements such as a powerful kick and heavy screeches in the intro and anti-climax! The mainpart gives us goosebumps everytime we hear the female voice singing “Art Of War”.

Warface & MC Nolz - Art Of War

It’s definitely not the roughest track on the album but it has a great atmosphere and a bright, screechy lead! We think that Warface has such a unique and fresh style, he brought into the raw-style subgenre! He uses powerful kicks, which will blow your mind away, a large variety of breaks, leads and variations in each of his tracks.

His intros are always full of effects, kick variations, different leads, breaks and surprising elements which makes every track of the album so enjoyable!
Therefore each track is different, he perfectly shows that rawstyle not always has to be dark and mysterious.

He combines different topics and themes in his tracks, but still fitting to his album topic – total destruction! Just to name a few: “Total War” is one of the best tracks on disc one. The kick has a heavy punch and reminds us on “Chaos Reeign”. The screeches are just awesome and that moment when the vocal screams “Total War!” we know there is no way back!

Warface - Total War

With “Chainsaw” we have one of the craziest tracks on his album. Together with Titan he created a hell of a track. The atmosphere draws us into it’s spell since the very first second! But when you hear the mainpart, your thoughts will be “What am i listening to?!” – a dark voice is talking, a woman is screaming “Please Stop” and the massive chainsaw lead gets us every time we listen to this masterpiece!

But also tracks such as “The Rivival” together with Luna, “Leviathan”, “Menace” together with Frequencerz, “Meridian” with Crypsis are just amazing and are perfectly produced tracks.

Warface & Titan - Chainsaw

One of our favourites is “Catalyst” which has such a unique sound design. It combines a strong, gated kick with an acid lead and new raw-style elements! We can’t really describe what makes this track so awesome – you just have to listen to it!

Warface - Catalyst

Disc 2 …

… also includes 11 tracks, but not only new ones. Tracks such as “FTP”, “Schizophrenics” and “Killer itch” are also included! And yes we love these “old” tracks. The first song we ever heard of him was “Schizophrenics”. The female vocals are awesome and he uses a lot of breaks and varieties of kicks and leads in this track, even a break beat part is included and shows us why we love his style and his album!

Warface - Schizophrenics

Warface - FTP!

We guess these are vocals you all know: ”Fuck the police coming straight from the underground!” – FTP! We think we don’t have to say more. Sirens similar screeches, powerful kicks, vocals which creates such a great atmosphere. This is one of the tracks where you can literally feel and hear his creativity!
Chaos Reeign” is one of those tracks, you can enjoy since the first second. Together with Deetox he created a sort of track where you can’t stay still. It just brings you into mood to dance to what you and of course Warface lives for – Hardstyle! Especially on 160BPM this track is 100% destruction – nothing to add here!

Warface & Deetox - Chaos Reeign

Disc 2 also includes a few remixes. “Bloodshed” in the Solutio remix is one of them. It has a dark atmosphere and nice kick, high screeches and is definitely worth to be on this album! We can also listen to a Delete remix of “Bring it to them raw”. This track just hits you straight in your face. Crazy screeches and a “god-damn-holy” kick define the last track of the album – an end, how it has to be done!

Furthermore we have “Cosmic Sin” in the Artifact remix , “Warmashine” in the Hardcraft Remix, which sadly could have been a little harder as the name suggest it!

Disc 3

… is a mix of all 22 tracks by the creator himself. The mix is nice and never creates boredom due to long breaks or bad mixing. It’s a great third disc and nice to have all the tracks combined in one hell of a mix! In the end it gets even harder and faster and will make you go crazy – we promise!

What else can we say? Nothing left, except that this album is a hell of a ride through a new fresh sound design in the rawstyle scene, a massive range of different themes, topics, styles, elements and producers! Warface did it! He created one of the most wanted albums this year. It’s a must have and should not miss in your collection or your playlist!

We wish Warface all the best on his way to become one of the most energetic and highly appreciated producer and DJ! For all the hardstyle lovers out there, check out this album and one of his performances on stage – especially Warface Live!

– War doesn’t determine who is right, only who is left –

Art Of War

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