When the temperatures are finally rising, the first buds start to blossom – the nature kicks off spring. For Rebirth this means to kick off the festival season. And for many Hardstyle lovers this festival has become something like a rite. – this for good reason. Lovely designed stages – big lineups and a matching anthem creates with the spring awakening creates a unique feeling. Everyone starts to realize that the winter break is finally over and it’s time for the festival season to come back. Rebirth Festival 2020 – Island of Infinity is calling.

For this year’s edition Rebirth is again lifting the standards. A massive lineup of more than 200 announced artists with dozens of live acts and unique B2B combinations, it seems that we are going to experience an edition that surpasses all prior editions. We have taken a close look on what we can expect and why you should attend Rebirth 2020 – Island of Infinity.

Three parts to review

The first part focuses of course on the musical wise offer on every single day. But beside this, we area also going to present the additional entertainment elements’ Rebirth is going to offer – and of course the camping possibilities for a proper festival adventure of 3 days.

Part Mode

Think Big

When we take a look at the already unveiled program, it’s more than clear that this year’s message is “Think Big”. Three days with more than 150 Artists, 15 unique B2B combinations, more than 13 live Acts and 12 showcases prove that a big festival weekend is looming ahead that won’t grant you any break.


To pick you up right from the beginning and bring you into the perfect festival mood, Rebirth extends its offer by a second area on Friday. The lineup of the official pre-party already includes a lineup covering Hardstyle to Hardcore. You will party with Keltek, Hard Driver, Act of Rage –Live, D-Sturb, Deetox vs. MYST, Retrospect and Deadly Guns. This stage will be hosted by MC Da Syndrome.

Area: New!Born

The second area “New! Born” names the program. A diverse selection of upcoming producers represent the full diversity of the harder styles with uptempo as the limit. The full lineup delivers Vasto, Deluzion vs. Uncages, Retaliation, Dayah, Crypton, Vyral vs. Element, Kruelty, Barber and MC Barricade.

So for all campers among you, doesn’t matter which style you might prefer or if you prefer the matured artists or admire the younger sounds more – your needs will definitely be served.


Now the big show is going to start with 7 stages and a full packed program – which clearly shows that this year things are not done by halves. Doesn’t matter if you prefer Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Freestyle or Hardcore – all genres are impressively represented.

Main Stage: Rebirth Festival 2020

The lineup of the Main reads like a pure who-is-who, but Hardstyle lovers should definitely attend Noisecontrollers NC200 Showcase. After the epic night on Dec. 28th. 2019 when he celebrated his release no. 200 – we know that a big show is coming up. In addition the End of Line Crew is also bringing their “Strive for Domination” show to the mainstage – just to interchange with a special sneak peek of Phuture Noize’s – Silver Bullet.

Live Shows

Fans of Sub Zero Project will definitely be served with their special live act “Rave into Space” which already impressed on the “I AM HARDSTYLE” in Germany. On top of that, Atmozfears together with Sound Rush are going to present their 2 //\\ 1 show. We are not done yet, cause we just named only the special shows – and of course the appearance of anthem creator D-Sturb , the giants D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Zombie father Ran-D, Rejecta, Adrenalize and Demi Kanon just round up this massive main stage lineup.

Raw Stage: Rebellion

The Raw Stage does not need to hide behind the main stage – cause the lineup and program is more than equal. Apexx, the wolfpack Frequencerz, brutal creator Radical Redemption, Theracord’s worriers Riot Shift, Malice and Rooler next to Act of Rage are forming a devastating rawstyle lineup. But of course, you will again have the chance to attend special shows. Beside a Delete-VIP set – which will undoubtedly be again a pure warfare of kicks, Killshot will once more unleash his live program ” Beastmode.

Album Showcases

Sub Sonik will showcase his album “Kings never die”. To add a portion of diversity, Regain will play a vs. set with Neroz – who has just released his Album “Shock Sequence” which comprises the raw tracks of tomorrow. Last but not least – E-Force is facing a versus with RVAGE – both part of End of Line Family – and therefore an interesting combination.

Hardstyle Stage: Reactivate

Maybe its wise to divide into three? Since we are walking down a Hardstyle memory lane of now 20 years – the good old Hardstyle tunes are recently experiencing a revival and this for good reason. And Rebirth Festival 2020 honors this movement and adds 13 Hardstyle legends, who surely will deliver a high end show of the best Hardstyle tunes ever. Especially D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Alphaverb are only a few examples of the combined hardstyle experience that will await you at stage Reactivate.

Newcomer Stage: Reborn Raw

Ever since, Rebirth Festival has been promoting the next generation of Hardstyle artists, to ensure that our all beloved Hardstyle evolves and its future is secured. Whilst Artists like Bloodlust and Thyron seems to be the only Artist who play a normal set, it’s typical for Rebirth festival that the rest comprises again a mixture of epic Live performances, B2B´s and album showcases.

Album showcases

With Sickmode, Luminite and Udex there will be three album presentations only at stage Reborn Raw. Although I wouldn´t count Ncrypta to the newcomers anymore – his presentation of Ncrypta – Live is definitely a must attend event. But also the combinations of the B2B´s looks promising. While Gearbox will present its future with FRAW, Invictuz and The Straikerz – Spoontech celebrates his first decade with a special b2b comprising Mind Dimension – The Purge and Genox.

Hardcore & Freestyle Stage: Relish

Diversity has been the key of the harder styles ever since – and so for Rebirth. With the presentation of Korsakoff´s album “Pink Noise” and Evil Activities as well as Crude intentions, Hardcore lovers of the millennium will be made happy. Mark with a K and Darkraver  and Vince´s Spinning session will definitely add the extra portion freestyle to the party.  

High Speed Hardcore Stage: Revenge

The lineup of this stage is only for the real die hards who need it harder than the rest. Whilst hardcore legends like Tha Playah, Mad Dog and Nosferatu will provide the best tunes of the Masters of Hardcore world, we can expect that king of the high speed hardcore Deadly Guns, Partyraiser and D-Fence will take the Bpm speed to the next level. One of the highlights will definitely be the album showcase of Andy the Core – Undisputed. For all those who are seeking the Uptempo tunes, be ensured that GPF, Trespassed and F-Noize Live will bring your feet to the limit.

Feest Arena

For all who haven’t been served yet, will be this area the best choice. A broad selection of the early 90’s mixed with the best carnival tunes – are the best musical medicine to freak out.


So you think, the peak is over and thus the Sunday will be smaller? Far from it!! With six stages and a big main stage takeover Rebirth Festival 2020 – Island of Infinity won’t let you rest on day 3. And for sure, the biggest highlight is awaiting you at the main stage.

Main Stage: Gunz for Hire

Adaro and Ran-D aka Gunz for Hire are taking over the main stage on Sunday. As a single Guns for Hire set wouldn’t been enough, they will present a special Gunz for Hire classic set. Pretty sure bombs like Boliva, Sorrow or Kings of the Underground will be played – and of course – this is something you shouldn’t miss. But the live act overkill won’t stop here – Digital Punk Live and Rebelion with Overdose will make sure that their performances will tear down anything which is still standing upright. 

Hardcore Stage: Revenge

Giants like Angerfist, Miss-K8 and SEFA are the best names to underline the statement, that this Sunday can be seen as a serious attempt to challenge the Saturday.  An interesting vs. set between N-Vitral and Dither and the presentation of Anime´s Insane Aftermath Live show are the missing elements to finalize this impressive stage concept.

Rawstyle Stage: Recharge

A must be is the announced set from Crypsis called “Cryptology vs. Statement of Intent” which promises to deliver only the best tunes from both albums. Furthermore AVIO is presenting his Live act, and further classical rawstyle tunes can be expected from B-Front (lets hope he plays “Magic”) and Degos & Re-Done who have recently joined Wishlist Agency. Delete – who will be playing for the third time at Rebirth Festival can be seen as the serious candidate to finish this stage off.

Rawphoric Stage: Reborn Euphoric

At first view a stage that might be clearly underrated. These 12 rising Artists comprise an incomparable diversity from euphoric to rawstyle. Envine – who had its Defqon-1 debut in 2019 represents a modern interpretation of Hardstyle. Same counts for the Primeshock guys, who are going to present their live act and themselves describe their style as “Hardstyle with balls”. So we can be pretty sure that we can expect some big surprises here.


Rebirth wouldn’t be Rebirth without additional gimmicks and entertainment programs, to maximize the festival experience. Consequently Rebirth Festival 2020 offers again a lot aside entertainment. A separated BBQ area offers the opportunity to enjoy a big meal with friends.

Those ones who want to relax a bit from the party there will be several games offered. Like ping-pong, table football and a complete football field and herewith the chance to challenge your friends. A cinema invites all party guests to sit down and to relax while watching a movie.

Funny thing: Hottubs

The water lovers among you can enjoy the festival in special hottubs. So make sure you got your swimsuits with you.

Survival of the fittest? Yes no problem, Rebirth combines a full body workout with Hardstyle sounds. The fun has priority therefore you don’t need to be an athlete to participate successfully.

We all know it – but no matter how good you prepared – sometimes important things will be forgotten or lost. But that’s no problem. At Rebirth a special camping shop provides you with anything you need. Starting from beer over a toothbrush and even pillows.


Of course there is a special and nice camping site prepared. Rebirth Festival 2020 is also offering several camping packages, to fulfill your needs the best possible way and to increase your festival experience.

Festitent (1 to 4 Persons)

Starting from € 40,00 you will get provided a basic tent for up to 4 friends. So there is no need to bring your own tent and consequently there is less to carry

Festipi (2 to 4 Persons)

The tipis are the perfect solution for all those who need a bit more luxury. The bigger size and a perfect air circulation enables a way more comfortable air.


Okay, small cute houses offering luxury on the level of a normal hotel room. So enjoy the hotel feeling but you are still on the camping side.

Belltent (6 Persons)

The perfect solution for a group of party friends. The Belltent is bookable in two versions. Whilst the basic version provides 6 air mattresses the comfort version adds 6 deckchairs and bedclothes. For the dark nights, an additional tent light and a carpet on the floors.

Friends camp (4 to 26 Persons)

I think we all agree, that it’s the group feeling that makes a festival feeling unique. Therefore larger groups can reserve a special area with an own toilet, table and an own camp plate.

Hotel Packages

Rebirth visitors have also the opportunity to take advantage from special hotel deals, which are offered on the rebirth page. The rooms vary from standard to luxury. Similar to the camping packages – you get what you prefer.

Watch the trailer for the camping



I can barely imagine how this year’s edition with its lineup and program can get topped next year? It doesn’t matter what stage you want to attend. Due to the packed and superior lineup it’s more than likely that you will have situations where you have to decide between two or three acts. Rebirth Festival 2020 seems to become the biggest edition of history.

Agony of Choice

Here we actually have one of the only disadvantages – there is no way around to choose between acts from time to time. It’s obvious that the creators of Rebirth have been ambitiously working on this year’s edition throughout the last year. Taking all the above mentioned things into account compared the fact that the camping deals for the whole weekend already start at € 95,00 we come to a positive conclusion. Here you can expect a marvelous festival weekend with a packed lineup and program for a more than a favorable price.  So lets kick off the festival season – and maybe stay forever.


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