Authentic - Dynamite
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Do you know Authentic? Well, I did not – shame on me. But who actually knows all of the hardstyle artists jumping around in our scene, right? But I’m glad that I did receive their promo mail featuring their new track Dynamite. So, once a week I go through all new promo mails and sort out – what to put on my iPod and those tracks I can ignore, because I simply don’t like them.

I really had no expectations while clicking the link, since I never heard of them. BUT what I just discovered can be called a ‘Gold Nugget’ or something, you know, kind of an unpolished diamond. Unpolished? Yeah, I’m going to tell you why!

After the obligatory DJ intro, the tracks start with a concise piano underlined with a great repercussion. A few beats further the vocals kick in and will seriously give you goosebumps. I really like them, together with the piano and background sounds they fit the track at atmosphere pretty well. The vocals are strong, slightly whispering and breathy.
And now referring to what I meant by ‘unpolished’ diamond – the echo effect of the vocals is slightly too loud in my opinion. They could be better to understand if the echo would be slightly quieter. But that’s all in all, the only point I could start complaining about.

Because what follows is absolutely amazing and very well produced. The melody starts playing, but sounds suppressed, the more the track goes on, the more the main lead evolves, the vocals start playing as well and it ends up in the first climax part. I’m absolutely loving it.

So, listen, this is in my opinion, not a track which make you move and dance, but more a track which make you think and dream. Close your eyes and enjoy, because this is a pretty cool release by Authentic. Keep it up guys 😉

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