Single day events will be allowed in the Netherlands but only with a maximum capacity of 750 visitors and massive healthy measures. After the full cancelation of multi day festivals in August – this message has hit the event sector again heavily and unexpected. According to the last announcements this final decision was expected to be made on August 13th.  With the ongoing proceedings, the pressure on the officials was extremely high.


Actually, the latest news will result in the complete cancelation of this years festival summer. 750 visitors are way too less – to make an event financially working. Today the Dutch officials announced new rules for the single day events.

750 Visitors

With Small one-day outdoor festivals with up to 750 visitors can be held under strict conditions from August 14, the cabinet has decided. Larger events, with thousands of people, are still out of the question, even if they don’t involve overnight stays, ministers said on Monday. Guests who want to attend a small outdoor event – which can take place in a tent if all four sides are completely open – visitors will have to show they vaccination card or are obliged to present aa negative test no older than 24 hours, or have had coronavirus within the past six months.

Single Day Events Max 750 Guests: No events in August


As a compromise festival organizations which cannot now go ahead can claim compensation from the government’s special coronavirus funds. The cabinet’s decision follows recommendations from its Outbreak Management Team experts who say that it is only responsible to decide about small scale events at the moment.

Acccording to the previous news, the officials were expected to announce new regulations for single day events on August 13th the latest. Last week the cabinet decided that multi-day festivals could not be held until September 1 at least because of the infection risk.


On 7:00 PM CET the event organization announced the cancellation of this years Ground Zero edition.

It’s with great sadness that we learned today, that Ground Zero Festival can’t take place on the original date of August 28, 2021, within the current event policy in the still prevailing corona situation. After the cancellation of multi-day events with overnight stays, the government has now also decided to ban one-day festivals with more than 750 unplaced visitors (read; without allocated places) until September 1. Our government’s ever-changing events policy is driving us mad, and we as a company have had to adapt time and again to changing insights, rules and forecasts.

Single Day Events Max 750 Guests: Delta Variant

We believed the government when they told us that we would be allowed to organize our festival this year, so we went full force. Although this bad news has always been in the back of our minds, the blow still hits hard. For a long time, we’ve been working to bring you the hardest night of the year, and we’ve been looking forward to it just like you. Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, we are forced to pull the plug on our beautiful event. And worst of all, there’s nothing we can do about it… We were ready to make the night our own and go crazy on rock hard and blazing fast BPMs.

Single Day Events Max 750 Guests: Defqon.1 At Home 2021

Gabbers never give up, so we are already talking to the municipality to possibly move Ground Zero Festival 2021 to September. Even if there’s is only a small chance, we have to try. In any case, we do our very best to realize this possibility. We are a company of ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for throwing parties. So we will once again do everything we can to bring you the most beautiful night of the year!

We understand that there are many questions, and we will, of course, get back to them as soon as possible. Please give us a moment to sort things out. We’ll let you know soon.

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