by Marvin Lee Thamm

Finally, it’s here – the collection of hard(er) trance tracks we didn’t know we desperately need it. While hard trance in it’s original form developed into (early) hardstyle and is almost forgotten, very few DJs hold on to those sounds which helped to shape an entire genre generation.

DJ Thera (a.k.a Pieter Heijnen) who started his career 2000 together with Fabian Bohn (today known as solo act Brennan Heart) as Brennan & Heart producing Hardstyle. They took separate ways in 2005 and 2008 Thera founded his own label #THERACORDS and is producing ever since.

Fun fact: #THERA is an anagram of the Word #HEART, which shows he still honours his former partner project.

Throughout the years DJ Thera never gave up to hold onto these special ‘trancy’ elements in this tracks paired with extremely hard and loud kicks, which turned into his signature style he calls itself ‘HarderTrance’.

Between 2008 and 2014 several tracks have been produced, and some of them were uploaded around 10 years ago on YouTube. While not every track got the recognition it deserves, now is the time to re-enter a part of the memories we hold so dear to our hearts

The collection is a package of 26 remastered tracks. With the crisis heavily impacting everyone financially in the creative industry, DJ Thera has also chosen that you can decide your own price for this package! (With a minimum price of € 9,95 which means only € 0,38 per track)

‘The Harder Trance Collection’ can be bought exclusively from his own shop #FROMTHEHARD.

Link to shop:

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  1. Andy McGirr & Mark Doc – Jager Bomb (DJ Thera Remix) 2020 Remaster (5:45)
  2. Busho – Time (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) 2020 Remaster (5:39)
  3. Busho vs DJ Thera – New Style Of Music 2020 Remaster (6:32)
  4. Chris Meikle – Weightless (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) 2020
  5. DJ Thera – Acid Company 2020 Remaster (5:33)
  6. DJ Thera – Ahead Of Things 2020 Remaster (6:01)
  7. DJ Thera – Hope 2020 Remaster (5:15)
  8. DJ Thera – Ironically Unknown 2020 Remaster (5:10)
  9. DJ Thera – Irritated 2020 Remaster (5:51)
  10. DJ Thera – Landscapes (2019 Edit) Package Exclusive (4:48)
  11. DJ Thera – Touched 2020 Remaster (5:50)
  12. DJ Thera – Tunnel Vision 2020 Remaster (5:41)
  13. D-Mind vs Wavolizer – Identify (DJ Thera Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:51)
  14. Drivium – Reset (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) 2020 Remaster (5:51)
  15. Geck-O – Acid Impressions (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:00)
  16. Log One vs Noizy Boyz – Reaper (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:00)
  17. Mic-E – Age Of Freedom (DJ Thera 2011 Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:29)
  18. Nomad – Dream (DJ Thera Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:16)
  19. Sa.Vee.Oh – You Rock (DJ Thera Remix) 2020 Remaster (5:47)
  20. Shaun T – Cut Off (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:04)
  21. Sinith Meets DJ Thera – Necessary Evil 2020 Remaster (6:29)
  22. Sons of Satan – Make You Rock (DJ Thera Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:29)
  23. Stimulator – Nostalgia (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix) 2020 Remaster (5:47)
  24. Tom Brown – Not A Virus (DJ Thera Remix) 2020 Remaster (5:56)
  25. Tricky DJ – Poison (DJ Thera Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:00)
  26. Vortex & Schinkel – A Sequence (DJ Thera Remix) 2020 Remaster (6:36)
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We had the honour to listen to the collection before its release and can give you some impressions. (HUGE! thanks to Thera again)

In general, all tracks transport this already mentioned ‘trancy’ feeling underlined with those very hard kicks known from raw style. The remastered versions transport the sound, depth and basses way better out of the boxes than the versions uploaded on youtube or on other streaming services.

When listening through the collection I noticed themes, where you can recognize certain key elements of the songs – those round up the variety.

While songs like #JAGERBOMB , also the start into the collection have more focus on the heavy kick and bassline and give less energy on the melodic part,

#ANEWSTYLEOFMUSIC does the complete opposite where the lyrics begin the build-up entering in a very hard melodic part, which let me go into a frenzy listening to it. So does

#HOPE the classic trance setup where the lyrics really help to create a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere

In contrary #POISON have that classic melodic only build-up, the drop goes short and then just start to get crazy out of hand, entering the fast, hard and beautiful dynamic melody.

#LANDSCAPES really surprised me. There you can recognize one of a special talent Thera has, his songs are always playful and mixed with elements from different genres. First, you think ‘oh nice a dreamy song’ but then the drop comes – giving you a bassline which let vibrate my entire living room.

I could go on and on but I want you to explore the collection a try and let yourself surprise of the love and power which comes with all of the tracks.

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This remastered collection is a beautiful and energetic piece of music, worth taking the time to listen to. Thanks to the full-length versions it is a perfect fit for every upcoming DJ, who wants to add some old tracks in a modern sound design, hard head or just a casual hard trance lover.

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