Anthems play a big role for hardstyle events. On the one hand they help to promote the party if being produced by a well-known artist. On the other hand potential, guests get a glimpse of what to expect from the party. Hardstyle is around us for almost 20 years and has created many memorable anthems. Here are the personal Top 5 picks of our team member Carsten.

Carsten Giese

Please keep in mind that this is the personal taste. So there is no right or wrong. SO let’s start with the list:

DJ Zany – Science & Religion (Qlimax 2005)

This track really contributed to the really dark theme of Qlimax. The screeches, the break, and the melody were just perfectly fitting.
The track itself was a little ahead of its time due to the use of the pitched kick/bass in the second main melody part. This just completely blew me away. After that many other producers started using them. This anthem and the Qlimax 2005 DVD were one of the main reasons why I started making plans going to Qlimax and all the other festivals.

TOP 5 Anthems: The official Youtube Video

Donkey Rollers – The last city on earth (In Qontrol 2008)

This track immediately caused goosebumps when I gave it the first listen. The kick, the atmosphere, the break, the melody, the chords – everything was just perfect. But what really grabbed my attention was the really nasty screech used in the first part. Outstanding work by the Fusion Records guys!

TOP 5 Anthems: The official Youtube Video

Frontliner- Save.Exit.Planet (In Qontrol 2010)

Another anthem I loved everything about. The Melodyman delivered great kicks and an outstanding melody.
This Anthem was worth the last edition of “In Qontrol” which Q-Dance unfortunately did not continue. Still one of the best parties I ever visited – not only because of the perfect anthem.

TOP 5 Anthems: The official Youtube Video

D-Block & S-te-Fan – Brace Yourself (IMPAQT 2019)

This anthem must have one of the catchiest melodies out there. Sometimes I realize myself whistling the main part every once in a while. This does not happen often to me. A specific detail I really liked was that they used a kick similar to the one Headhunterz was using in 2007 and 2008, for example for his qlimax anthem back then.

TOP 5 Anthems: The official Youtube Video

Mike NRG – Lost in Dreams (Q-Base)

No Top 5 Anthems list without this one. There are almost countless official remixes and bootlegs, so I consider this to be the most influential anthem of all time. The melody is really catchy and works with the slower paces of 130 until 140 bpm or even in hardcore productions. Originally released in 2004 it was THE Q-Base anthem for several years.
For me the best interpretation is the Q-Base edit of “Intractable One – Play the Games”:

TOP 5 Anthems: The official Youtube Video

That’s it for this time. Next time, we will present to you the TOP 5 of someone else of the team. Be ready

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