Bassleader 2014 was awesome! Keep the spirit as long as possible with this years anthem by Da Tweekaz!

Bass Events dropped a huge party with an great line up at Bassleader this year. A literally ‘hot’ event (because of the Phoenix, you know…). Check out all the great pictures from Bassleader 2014 on Facebook!


But back to this years anthem by Da Tweekaz, including a Hard Driver remix.

Da Tweekaz – Unlock The Power (Bassleader 2014 Anthem)

This two Norwegians are not known for making anthems but today they are here to prove me wrong. With the main focus on the melody and the euphoric lead this track just brings me in the right mood to party hard. Especially the second mainpart gets me hyped. I would wish to see more anthems from this duo. Keep it up!

Da Tweekaz – Unlock The Power (Hard Driver Remix)

Hard Driver adds his fast pasted style to this anthem. Everything is a little bit more cinematic/dramatic but slightly rough and raw. As Da Tweekaz he used the given vocals very well to create that ‘Bassleader’ atmosphere. Just to mention it: the design and the theme of the video are awesome and I love the animated Phoenix!

So if you want to keep something from Bassleader 2014 get this release. Every time you hear it you will remember the great time you had!

It seems so simple
Yet it has baffled the great minds of our time
Science was oblivious to its existence until now
The fusion of five elements was the key to unlock its power
Science was oblivious to its existence

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